When are we going to fly commercial hydrogen-powered airplanes?

Rolls-Royce and EasyJet recently conducted a successful test of a hydrogen powered aero engine. The AE 2100-A turboprop engine was used in the test. The two companies have successfully demonstrated that hydrogen can generate power efficiently and safely. This is proof that their plans for CO2-neutral aviation in 2050 are on the right track.

Hydrogen-powered aircraft engines have been experimented with since the 1950s, but we are now edging closer to commercial viability. However, there are still many practical problems that need to be solved ,such as the greater volume needed for hydrogen fuel and the challenge of keeping it in liquid form. In order to accommodate hydrogen fuel, an existing aircraft would have to be redesigned entirely.

Airbus is currently working on a concept aircraft with hydrogen propulsion. They expect the first commercial hydrogen-powered aircraft to come onto the market by 2035, but kerosene-powered jet engines will remain the norm until at least 2050.

Source: universal-sci.com

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