From Spain to South Africa on electric wheels

The German Sinje Gottwald recently completed a 13,000 km solo ride on her electric CAKE Kalk AP motorcycle in 124 days, definitively proving that electric vehicles can handle long-distance trips. Her journey from Spain to South Africa should hopefully put to rest any lingering hesitancy over electric vehicle reliability.

This latest accomplishment follows Gottwald’s ground-breaking circumnavigation of the globe on a motorcycle, and further displays her commitment to normalizing independent female road tripping and globetrotting. This time, she journeyed with only two batteries, two chargers, tools, and spare parts for her bike, managing it all without a single flat tire and no more than 140 charges.

Her motorcycle proved very resilient, requiring only minimal maintenance overall. People everywhere were drawn to it and said it was the first time they had seen an electric motorcycle.

Source: Clean Technica