Renewables for every Chinese home?

According to Wang Dapeng, an official from the Chinese National Energy Administration (NEA), the country added 125GW of new wind and solar capacity to its grid in 2022, bringing its cumulative renewable energy capacity to over 1,200GW. Wind energy saw 37.6GW of new capacity, while solar capacity saw 87.4GW.

China's wind and solar energy generation is now close to the amount of electricity needed to power every home in the country, Bloomberg announces. In 2022, renewable generation is expected to hit 1,190TWh, while residential power consumption will reach 1,350TWh, indicating a big milestone for China.

That being said, the International Energy Agency (IEA) reported in 2020 that only 17% of all energy use in China was classified as residential. While households energy consumption most probably increased since the Covid19 pandemic, industry still represents the biggest share of the country’s total power consumption.