Terms & conditions

Information note on the processing of personal data

Simply Green Association (PSV) based in 138 Ferdinand I Boulevard, apartment 2, sector 2, Bucharest, Romania, e-mail webmaster@pursisimpluverde.ro, website www.pursisimpluverde.rohereby informs you about the processing of your personal data and the rights you have in accordance with REGULATION (EU) 2016 / 679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter referred to as the GDPR) and national legislation on the protection and security of personal data, in force.

1. Simply Green Association (PSV) has the obligation to administer in safe conditions and only for the specified purposes, the personal data provided to it. PSV complies with the legal provisions regarding the protection of personal data and implements technical and organizational measures to protect all operations that directly or indirectly generate access to personal data, in order to prevent accidental or illegal unauthorized processing and loss of data.

PSV processes your personal data in accordance with the provisions of the GDPR, as an operator, in order to perform the following operations:

  • performing the procedures for acquiring the quality of member or volunteer of PSV and registering this quality in case of admission of the application
  • the transmission of communications, organization and conduct of events, as well as the performance of other operations related to the quality of member or volunteer of PSV and other activities necessary to fulfill the purpose of the association
  • other activities necessary to fulfill the purpose of the association

During the PSV registration procedure we collect and use the data necessary to acquire membership and exercise the rights and obligations related to it: name and surname, sex, personal numerical code, domicile, profession, occupation, and contact details - e-mail address mail and telephone. The same data are processed in the case of persons who have employment relationships with PSV (employees or who apply for employment).

We also collect personal data for the activities of the association, such as concluding contracts for the supply of goods / services or other contracts. In these cases the data subject to processing are the name, surname, position, name of the employer, contact details: telephone number, e-mail address, postal address.

The data is collected directly, based on your consent, and will be kept and used only for the purpose for which it was collected, respectively only for as long as you are a member or volunteer of PSV, after which it will be archived. according to applicable law.

2. We do not use personal data for automated processing or for profiling. We do not perform activities that involve automated processing formulas about you. We use technical means to store data securely. We do not process data for purposes other than those declared for which they were collected. The data of the persons who have not acquired the quality of member / volunteer or who are no longer needed, for any reason, will be deleted.

3. You enjoy the rights to personal data that you hold, by way of example: the right of access, the right to intervene, the right to object, the right to rectification and portability of data, the right to restrict processing and the right to delete data.

4. According to the legal provisions on the protection of personal data, you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time by a request addressed to PSV. Also, in order to exercise your rights or in case you have questions related to the processing of your personal data, please contact the person in charge of personal data protection at PSV level, at the e-mail address webmaster@pursisimpluverde.ro. The contact details of the data protection officer can also be found on the PSV website - www.pursisimpluverde.ro.

5. In case of any dissatisfaction, you have the right to file a complaint, the institution authorized to resolve it being the National Authority for Supervision of Personal Data Processing, whose contact details are on its website: www.dataprotection.ro.