Următorul tău loc de muncă e verde

Your Next Job is Green

LinkedIn reports that green jobs, focusing on sustainability and environmentally-friendly activities, constitute one-third of...

Curățarea inteligentă a panourilor solare

Cleaning Solar Panels the Smart Way

Studies project that solar power will constitute 10% of global electricity by 2030, with a significant portion generated in...

Transformarea clădirilor Europei pentru eficiență și sustenabilitate

Transforming Europe's Buildings For Efficiency and Sustainability

In the quest for a greener future, Europe is spotlighting its buildings as a crucial battleground in the fight against climate change. Buildings account for the largest...

2023, cel mai cald an

2023, The Hottest Year

Last year, 2023, saw a 1.48 degrees Celsius rise above pre-industrial averages, according to the EU's climate service, making it ...

Păsările răpitoare din Africa dispar: echilibrul ecosistemului, amenințat

The Vanishing Raptors of Africa: A Threat to Ecosystem Balance

Africa's skies are witnessing a worrying trend - a collapse in the population of its birds of prey. A recent study, published in...

About us

The Simply Green Association is a non-governmental, independent and apolitical organization, founded out of the conviction that the support and action of civil society is needed for Romania to develop sustainably.  Sustainable development is the solution that meets the needs of people today, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

Our mission and purpose

Our mission is to create an active community of volunteers, whose actions will bring about lasting change in all areas and at all levels of society. 

We need to act urgently to stop climate change and the accelerated loss of biodiversity, which have detrimental effects on our quality of life and health. 

Our programs, projects and actions focus on areas such as environmental protection, energy, education, health and digitalization. The activities aim at the development of local communities and the whole society. Read more about the objectives and actions of our association here.

The activities of the association are supported by a scientific councilcomposed of professors from prestigious universities and reputable specialists from abroad. The members of the Council are involved in the elaboration of strategies and provide support in all important issues of the association's activity.   

Do you want to lend a hand? If so, join the Simply Green team, by you can become a full member  or a volunteer! We need active, honest and professional people to start the green revolution! Don't have time? You can donate both as a private individualor as a legal entity to support the green projects of our association.