Donate as an individual

Do you believe in a simply green Romania? Get involved with us. You can start by becoming a volunteer and, if you like what we do, you can become a full memberDon't have enough time, but still want to get involved? Reallocate part of your taxes through a sponsorship act:

Individuals can support non-governmental organizations registered in the Register of entities for which tax deductions are granted, if they conclude a sponsorship contract. Our association is enrolled in the Register, which can be consulted here (search by CIF 43498554). Therefore, you can financially support our work as follows:

If you earn income from self-employment, 5% of your net income (total income minus deductible expenses eligible under the law) paid in the form of sponsorship will reduce your tax base for the year the sponsorship was made (basically, you do not pay income tax on this amount). In addition, upon submission of your tax form, you may decide to redirect up to 3.5% of your income tax to us.

If you earn any taxable income other than self-employment, including income from salaries, you can redirect up to 3.5% of your income tax payable to us, either by completing and submitting form 230 by May 25 of the following year to earn income, or faster, through an agreement that you have to conclude with the payer of your income. Thus, your income payer must agree to withhold and pay 3.5% of your tax to us at each time of payment of that tax. If the payer does not agree, this redirection will be made by ANAF following the submission of the 230 form by you. 230.

If you have any questions about your contribution, write to us at