Delivery Unit Mures

Pure and Simple Green experts and representatives of the Council have joined forces to create a Priority Implementation Unit (Delivery Unit), under the direct coordination of the president CJ Mureș. The Delivery Unit concept was first implemented by the UK authorities, by creating such a unit at the level of the British Prime Minister's Office in the 2000s. In the last 20 years, however, the model has been reproduced at the level of Governments, ministries, administrations presidential and at the level of local authorities, all over the globe.

At the end of the project, the Mureș County Council approved the Priorities Implementation Agreement in December 2022, a document that establishes the objectives and specific actions for the energy transition and the sustainable development of the local economy.

The measures outlined by objectives will be implemented at the level of the entire county, their coordination and monitoring will be handled by the new structure Delivery Unit Mureș (DU MS) which will work under the direct subordination of the president CJ Mureș.

Specific objective 1: EXHIBITION AND TECHNOLOGY CENTER – building a low-carbon exhibition and technology center that will also host an innovation center in partnership with local universities and encourage not only university-business collaboration, but also building new companies in the area of energy efficiency and green energy.

Specific objective 2: PRODUCTION OF GREEN ENERGY AND ENSURING ENERGY EFFICIENCY – building a photovoltaic park on the airport grounds that will serve the electricity needs of the airport and the industrial park, as well as the realization of integrated energy projects for public buildings that will include reducing costs with energy by wrapping them, improving thermal comfort by generating heat based on hydrogen and increasing energy efficiency by implementing intelligent lighting systems.

Specific objective 3: ECO MOBILITY – aims to decarbonize the local transport system by promoting a green mobility based on hydrogen and electricity in the educational system, tourism, and within the airport of Târgu Mureș.

Specific objective 4: INDUSTRIAL PARK DEVELOPMENT – expanding the industrial park to encourage investment and the business environment, as well as building a new water treatment plant and refurbishing the existing one to serve the existing area of the industrial park, as well as the newly expanded one.

Specific objective 5: TRAINING OF THE WORKFORCE - pursues the qualification of young people and the retraining of the existing workforce in the new areas of development in the county. Specific objective 5 briefly includes: the identification of fields and qualifications of interest, as well as economic operators who are interested in carrying out dual education programs; modernization of technical, industrial, secondary high schools (equipment of laboratories, etc.), retraining of employees in green energy with the help of educational units and interested local companies; programs for 7th and 8th grade students to promote the benefits of graduating from technical, vocational high schools and dual education institutions

Specific objective 6: DIGITAL TOOLS – the development of a set of digital tools for the efficiency of the waste management process and the involvement of citizens. Specific objective 6 involves the development and operationalization of an electronic reporting tool (from operators, transit centers to ADI and from ADI to CJ); retrieving data and viewing them in formats that are easy to understand for citizens and decision-makers in dedicated online platforms (websites); the creation of online tools to stimulate selective collection (simulators for calculating the savings achieved, the impact on nature, etc.) and the development of online and offline campaigns to promote the mentioned tools and the role of the CJ in order for Mureș County to become a champion regarding waste management