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Net zero refers to reaching an equilibrium between emitting greenhouse gases and absorbing them. The European Union wants to reach net zero (climate neutrality) by 2050. This website publishes new scientific discoveries, local and foreign initiatives, and public policies meant to bring us closer to net zero. It was created combining Artificial Intelligence and human input from our volunteers. It is accessible in both Romanian and in English.You can send us articles you want to see published on this site or suggestions here. Enjoy!

Protection for EU soils

Aug 31, 202303 min citire
Protecția solurilor în UE

More than 60% of European soils are unhealthy, and the situation is deteriorating. Poor management, pollution, and climate change are major causes, leading to significant costs in terms of lost services and biodiversity. Degraded soils limit vital services like food production, carbon storage, and water regulation, impacting farmers and food quality. This strains healthy soils and hinders disaster response, climate goals, biodiversity, food security, and public health. Urgent action is needed. Unlike air and water, soils lack equivalent legal protection in the EU. The European Parliament, stakeholders, and citizens urge the Commission to create a legal framework for soil protection. The EU Soil Strategy for 2030 commits to proposing legislation in 2023, aiming to...

Nature's help for better mental health

Aug 31, 202302 min citire
Ajutorul naturii pentru o sănătate mentală mai bună

The global situation involves a triple crisis: biodiversity loss, climate change, and pollution, accompanied by rising worries about people's physical and mental health. Nature provides essential services like pollination and crop growth, as well as intangible benefits such as quality of life, well-being, and happiness. Access to green spaces and exposure to biodiversity-rich environments contribute to well-being. The quality of engagement with

Can we vacuum greenhouse gases from the atmosphere?

Aug 31, 202302 min citire
Putem aspira din atomsferă gazele cu efect de seră?

The Biden administration plans to allocate $1.2 billion to construct the first two commercial-scale carbon dioxide vacuuming plants, aiming to combat global warming. This technology shows promise for some scientists, but skeptics view it as wasteful spending. Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm revealed plans to finance two pilot projects for direct air capture technology.

The EU Allocates €3.6 billion for Clean Tech Projects

Aug 27, 202303 min citire
UE alocă 3,6 miliarde EUR pentru tehnologie curată

The EU Commission is providing €3.6 billion to 41 clean tech projects through the EU Innovation Fund. These projects align with the REPowerEU Plan and aim to reduce reliance on Russian fossil fuel imports. Industries like cement, steel, advanced biofuels, sustainable aviation fuels, wind, solar energy, and renewable hydrogen will benefit from this funding. The initiative will facilitate the transition to green practices in challenging-to-decarbonize sectors of the European economy. The chosen projects span 15 EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain ,Sweden) and Norway. These projects, set to be operational by 2030, could collectively prevent 221 million tonnes of CO2 emissions within their initial decade of operation. The 41 projects...

Adaptation to Climate Change is Essential in a World where Extreme is the New Normal

Aug 27, 202304 min citire
Adaptarea la schimbările climatice este esențială într-o lume în care extremul e noul normal

Europe is experiencing more extreme weather due to climate change, raising concerns about this summer's potential for heat waves, droughts, floods, and forest fires. The outlook is pessimistic based on recent trends. Adapting to climate change and improving preparedness are essential in light of these challenges. Heatwaves. Heatwaves are becoming increasingly frequent, intense, and widespread in Europe, as observed in the summer of 2022. This trend is projected to persist in all climate scenarios. Southern Europe could experience over 60 days of summer with health-risk temperatures, leading to more deaths and hospitalizations, especially among the elderly and vulnerable. Urgent adaptation measures are needed due to...

July 2023 Sets Record Highs

Aug 26, 202302 min citire
Luna iulie 2023 stabilește maxime record

Based on ERA5 data from Copernicus C3S (Copernicus Climate Change Service), July's initial three weeks are the warmest ever recorded, with the month likely to be the hottest July and month on record. This extreme heat has caused heatwaves across North America, Asia, and Europe, leading to health, environmental, and economic consequences, coupled with significant wildfires in Canada and Greece. July 6 marked the hottest day ever recorded, surpassing the 2016 record, with July 5 and 7 also very warm. Global temperatures briefly exceeded the 1.5°C threshold above preindustrial levels in the first and third weeks. Since May, sea surface temperatures have been consistently higher than...

Deforestation Trending Up

Aug 20, 202302 min citire
Alarmă în pădure: Defrișarea a dus la pierderea unei suprafețe forestiere de mărimea unei țări în doar un an

According to new research, an area of tropical forest roughly the size of Switzerland was lost in 2022 alone. This staggering discovery shows that the political commitment of world leaders at COP26 to end deforestation is falling woefully short. The study reveals that approximately 11 football pitches of forest were lost every minute last year, with Brazil being the primary contributor to deforestation. However, there was a significant reduction in forest loss in Indonesia and Malaysia, demonstrating it is possible to buck the trend. The COP26 meeting in 2021 saw over 100 world leaders, including former Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro, sign the Glasgow Declaration on forests, pledging to halt and reverse forest loss and land degradation by 2030. Despite...

The Global Fight for Cleaner Air

Aug 20, 202302 min citire
Lupta globală pentru un aer mai curat

Air pollution is a major cause of premature death globally. It contributes to various respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, including lung cancer, asthma, and heart attacks. Health risks associated with air pollution disproportionately affect vulnerable populations, including children, the elderly, and low-income communities. What’s more, air pollution has significant socioeconomic implications. It leads to reduced labor productivity due to increased sick days and decreased cognitive function. Additionally, the healthcare costs associated with air pollution-related illnesses can strain healthcare systems and hinder economic progress. Addressing air pollution requires collaboration and coordination among countries, stakeholders, and international organizations. The World Bank emphasizes the importance of partnerships to share knowledge, best practices, and resources. This includes research, technological innovation, ...

Ten New Nuclear Reactors in India

Aug 18, 202301 min citire
10 reactoare nucleare noi în India

The government of India has given approval for the installation of 10 new nuclear reactors in five states. The decision was made to enhance the country's nuclear power capacity and address its growing energy demands. The reactors will be set up in the states of Maharashtra, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Karnataka. Power plants at Kaiga, Chutka, and Gorakhpur will each receive two new reactors. Meanwhile Mahi Banswara will see itself equipped with as many as four reactors. Other sites have also been approved ‘in principle’ by Indian authorities for future nuclear power plants. The installation of these new reactors is expected to significantly boost India's nuclear power capacity. Nuclear energy is considered a clean and reliable source of electricity generation, and it plays a crucial role in reducing...

Cultivating Sustainability: Innovations in Environmentally-Friendly Fashion Fibers

Aug 14, 202302 min citire
Revoluția fibrelor sustenabile: Către o modă mai prietenoasă cu mediul

The fashion industry has long lacked in sustainability for its heavy reliance on fossil fuel-based materials. To combat this problem, scientists and researchers are actively working on developing alternative fibers that are more eco-friendly. One approach is the exploration of plant-based fibers. Fibers derived from plants, wood and even fruits are gaining popularity due to their renewable nature and lower environmental impact compared to traditional, fossil fuel-based materials. These plant-based fibers are also noted to require fewer pesticides, fertilizers, and water to grow, making them overall more sustainable options for clothing production. Another exciting avenue is the development of lab-grown or bioengineered fibers. For instance, spider silk...