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Net zero refers to reaching an equilibrium between emitting greenhouse gases and absorbing them. The European Union wants to reach net zero (climate neutrality) by 2050. This website publishes new scientific discoveries, local and foreign initiatives, and public policies meant to bring us closer to net zero. It was created combining Artificial Intelligence and human input from our volunteers. It is accessible in both Romanian and in English.You can send us articles you want to see published on this site or suggestions here. Enjoy!

The Social Cost of Carbon Increased

Nov 12, 202302 min citire
Costul social al carbonului a crescut

A startling new study from the University of Sussex Business School reveals the harsh reality of our changing climate. According to this research, every ton of carbon released into the atmosphere is now four times more damaging to the world than it was a mere decade ago. Published in Nature Climate Change, this study spans four decades of research and examines the "social cost of carbon," taking into account carbon's devastating effects on human health, agriculture, sea-level rise, property damage, desertification, energy consumption, and labor productivity. The implications of these findings are profound, emphasizing the urgent need for stronger climate policies worldwide. The study suggests that the assessment of climate change and its impacts has grown increasingly pessimistic over time...

Where Are The Hidden Trees?

Nov 12, 202302 min citire
Unde sunt copacii ascunși?

The world of trees is more diverse and vital than we've ever realized, thanks to the pioneering work of researchers from the University of Copenhagen's Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management. Their latest study, recently published in the journal Science Advances, unveils an exciting breakthrough in tree mapping. Using a powerful deep learning algorithm that harnesses artificial intelligence and satellite imagery, the team achieved an impressive accuracy rate of 92.4% in identifying trees as small as three meters in height outside of traditional forested areas. This means we now have a clearer picture of the trees gracing our urban landscapes, countryside, and farmlands, which were often excluded from conventional forest inventories. The study's findings have unveiled 15 million...

Climate Changes Shaped History

Nov 12, 202302 min citire
Schimbările climatice au modelat istoria

In a fascinating study published on October 25, 2023, in the open-access journal PLOS ONE, researchers from Kiel University, Germany, led by Ralph Großmann, delved into the intricate relationship between climate change and human populations during the Neolithic period in Europe. The team explored the Circumharz region of central Germany, the Czech Republic/Lower Austria region, and the Northern Alpine Foreland of southern Germany, all brimming with archaeological treasures. By analyzing over 3,400 radiocarbon dates from these archaeological sites, they were able to gain insights into ancient population trends. Their findings unveiled a compelling connection between climate fluctuations and the rise and fall of human societies. During warm and wet periods...

An ”Afterlife” for Old EV Batteries?

Nov 4, 202302 min citire
O ”viață de apoi” pentru vechile baterii de vehicule electrice?

Electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling plays a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable, electrified transportation system. With the ever-growing demand for electric vehicles, the need for key minerals to electrify our transportation system has become more pressing than ever. Hopefuly, a significant portion of these essential minerals could be sourced from recycled batteries by the year 2050, which would significantly alleviate the need for new mining operations. However, the manner in which these batteries are recycled is of paramount importance. The recycling process must prioritize high mineral recovery rates while minimizing environmental impact. There are three main approaches to battery recycling: hydrometallurgical recycling, direct recycling, and pyrometallurgical recycling. Among these, hydrometallurgical recycling stands out

Bittersweet Future for French Wines

Nov 4, 202302 min citire
Viitor dulce-amărui pentru vinurile franceze

Climate change is a global concern, impacting various aspects of our lives, including the world of wine. For years, wine enthusiasts and experts have voiced concerns about the adverse effects of climate change on vineyards, anticipating shifting harvest seasons and lower-quality wine. However, in the heart of Bordeaux, France, a region renowned for producing some of the world's finest wines, there is a surprising twist in the tale. Climate change might actually be enhancing the flavor of Bordeaux wine, at least for now. According to a recent research, the highest-quality Bordeaux wines are linked to specific weather conditions, including warmer, drier summers. These conditions are predicted to become more frequent in the region...

The Return of the Kākāpō

Nov 1, 202302 min citire
Întoarcerea papagalilor Kākāpō

The return of the kākāpō, New Zealand's beloved flightless parrot, to its historic mainland habitat after half a century marks a remarkable conservation success story. The kākāpō, often affectionately dubbed "owl parrots" due to their muppet-like faces and quirky behaviors, were once widespread throughout Aotearoa, the Māori name for New Zealand. However, they faced near-extinction due to imported predators, leading to their relocation to predator-free islands, in one of the first attempts to save them. The partnership between the Māori tribe Ngāi Tahu, the Department of Conservation, and the scientific community has been instrumental in saving the kākāpō. Through innovative conservation methods like artificial insemination in order to maintain genetic diversity...

Seven Billion for Hydrogen

Nov 1, 202302 min citire
Șapte miliarde pentru hidrogen

President Joe Biden's administration has made a significant move towards combating global warming with the announcement of $7 billion in funding for seven regional "hubs" dedicated to hydrogen production. Hydrogen, when produced cleanly, has the potential to replace fossil fuels in industries such as fertilizer and steel manufacturing, as well as in challenging-to-electrify sectors like long-haul trucking. These hubs, supported by the Department of Energy, aim to shift hydrogen production away from its current carbon-intensive methods. They plan to boost hydrogen adoption by investing in storage tanks, pipelines, and infrastructure development. Hydrogen has long faced a "chicken and egg" problem, where large-scale production relies on the presence of customers...

The Promise of Artificial Photosynthesis

Nov 1, 202302 min citire
Fotosinteza artificială ne dă speranțe

Fossil fuels, despite their negative impact on the environment and their limited supply, continue to be the world's primary source of energy. Breaking free from this dependency is a challenging task, but researchers like Webin Lin, a Chemistry professor at the University of Chicago, are determined to make it happen. Lin and his team

The Connection between Inflammation and Pollution

Oct 29, 202302 min citire
Legătura dintre inflamație și poluare

Air quality is a critical concern in many urban areas worldwide, but perhaps nowhere is the struggle more evident than in South Philadelphia. Home to an oil refinery that operated for over a century before a catastrophic explosion in 2019, this densely populated, low-income, and predominantly minority neighborhood continues to grapple with the long-term health effects of chronic air pollution. The consequences are severe, with a significant portion of the population suffering from asthma, cancer, cardiovascular disease, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, and other conditions, all of which have an underlying inflammatory pathway. Research is increasingly unveiling the intricate ways in which chronic exposure to air pollution can impair the immune system's...

The Antarctic Ice Melt: The Unavoidable Consequences of Climate Change

Oct 29, 202302 min citire
Topirea gheții antarctice: consecința inevitabilă a încălzirii climatice

Scientists are sounding the alarm about the inevitable melting of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet, a major contributor to rising sea levels, as a result of climate change. They ran simulations on the UK's national supercomputer to examine how much melting is beyond our control and what the international community can still influence through greenhouse gas emissions reduction. The results are sobering, highlighting the urgent need for climate action. The research, which considered climate variability, found no significant difference between mid-range emissions scenarios and the most ambitious targets set by the 2015 Paris Agreement. Even under the best-case scenario of limiting ...