Become a member

Become a member!

Simply Green encourages the involvement, ideas and projects of all those who want to actively participate in protecting the environment. If you want to join our initiative, become a member! You have rights, but also obligations! 

Each member may be involved in decision-making at the General Assembly level. A member has the right to run for management positions, but also has the obligation to respect the purpose and objectives of the Association. The annual membership fee is only 100 lei. 

Members' Rights:

1. to participate in the activities organized by the Association

2. to participate in the General Assembly and to exercise their right to vote

3. to elect and be elected in the governing, administrative and control bodies of the Association;

4. to identify problems and suggest proposals to improve the activity of the Association

Members' obligations: 

1. Respect the general purpose and objectives of the Association and to act for their fulfillment

2. to respect the constitutive act, the statute, the regulations, decisions and rulings adopted within the Association

3. to participate in the meetings of the General Assembly and / or of the Board of Directors 

4. not to bring moral damages to the Association, to respect and defend its image and prestige

5. not to promote in any way, within or through the Association, the image or interests of political parties

6.    să-şi achite integral obligaţiile, inclusiv cele financiare, faţă de Asociație;

7. to behave respectfully, in good faith, and in fairness and kindness, in relations with other members. The statute of the organization can be downloaded in Romanian language here