Your Next Job is Green

LinkedIn reports that green jobs, focusing on sustainability and environmentally-friendly activities, constitute one-third of job postings in the UK. Among the fastest-growing roles are land acquisition managers, waste management specialists, and sustainability analysts.

The growth in green jobs aims to offset employment losses in sectors undergoing a green transformation. The EU estimates the potential loss of nearly 500,000 roles in fossil fuel-related areas during the journey to net-zero targets. However, the UK has already created 250,000 green jobs, with a government commitment to reach 2 million by 2030. The demand for green roles extends to fields like electric vehicles, with a 40% increase in sales in the UK in 2022. Despite this, a shortage of qualified technicians for electric vehicles exists, highlighting the need for training. In the UK, only 39,000 out of 168,600 vehicle technicians are qualified to maintain electric vehicles, and in the US, just 1.4% of mechanics hold EV certification. Government policies and private investment drive demand for green roles and training. The US Inflation Reduction Act allocates a $1 billion fund for companies seeking zero-emission vehicle replacements, including grants for worker training. However, government policies, with a mixed record, can create uncertainty in green job markets. Consistency is needed.

Source: Financial Times