Safeguarding Europe's Bees

Research on bees, butterflies, and other pollinators is critical for our ecosystem and economy. The EU-funded Safeguard project, dedicated to protecting these vital creatures, has released an open-access collection in the 'Research Ideas and Outcomes' (RIO) journal. This compilation aims to boost the visibility of research outcomes and create a collaborative space for knowledge exchange.

One standout addition to this collection is a study on Serbia's wild bee fauna, a lesser-explored area in Europe. Research across 54 sites in Serbia discovered 312 bee species. Among them, 25 were new to Serbia, and 79 were known only from literature. Six species are threatened, and 67 are Data Deficient in the European Red List of Bees, highlighting potential extinction risks. All this data is crucial for assessing European bee populations.

The Safeguard project, that will end in 2025, aims to become a comprehensive hub for stakeholders invested in preserving Europe's pollinators.

Source: European Commision