Trees: Integral Players in Global Sustainability Efforts

Activitatea neobosită a organizației CIFOR-ICRAF are ca scop să evidențieze rolul crucial pe care îl joacă copacii în susținerea mediului și a mijloacelor de trai. Proiectul lor de reînverzire a Africii, ”Regreening Africa”,  întins pe opt țări, a ajutat mii de gospodării să adopte bune practici agroforestiere, ducând la o creștere cu 60% a eforturilor de reînverzire pe zone vaste.

In Ethiopia, the focus on ensuring high-quality seeds for tree planting initiatives is a key part of the effort to restore forests. CIFOR-ICRAF's tools, like the climate change atlas and planting portal, are reshaping reforestation strategies, with plans to expand to other nations in the region. The organization's efforts in understanding tree genetics, including a vast database of plant species and advancements in using digital information for agricultural research, are essential for sustainable development. Furthermore, CIFOR-ICRAF's leadership in soil health research, showcased at conferences like UNCCD COP15 and COP27, stresses the need to restore soil ecosystems for a sustainable future.