70-story tall wind turbine will be built in China

MingYang has announced they will be building the MySE 18.X-28X, the world's largest wind turbine, with 140-meter blades.

Această turbină depășește turbina H260-18MW care este în curs de construcție de către firma concurentă CSSC și care are pale de ”doar” 128 de metri.

MingYang's new MySE 18.X-28X turbine has a swept area of 66,052 sq m and is designed to handle level-17 typhoons with wind speeds over 202 km/h. It is projected to produce 80 GWh of energy per year, which is enough to supply 96,000 residents.

MingYang and CSSC say that one of the advantages of the mega-turbines they sell, is the fact that they help reduce the cost of wind farm setup and thus bring down the cost of the energy they produce.

Source: New Atlas

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