Temperatures rise, economy is cooling down

Lately, the world has being experiencing one heat record after another. Meanwhile, the global economy is cooling down with Germany already in a recession and other developed countries, including the UK, heading in that direction. China's post-lockdown recovery has stalled, and the US jobs market is showing signs of slowing down due to higher interest rates.

Combinația dintre economia slabă și intensificarea fenomenelor meteorologice extreme este îngrijorătoare. În mod obișnuit, presiunile asupra mediului cresc în timpul boom-urilor economice, ceea ce duce la intensificarea  mișcărilor ecologiste. Acest lucru a fost observat la începutul anilor 1970, sfârșitul anilor 1980 și înainte de criza financiară globală din 2008.  Încălzirea globală care se intensifică în ciuda scăderii economiei, este un motiv semnificativ de îngrijorare. Recentele incendii de pădure din Canada, care au cauzat un smog portocaliu nociv în orașul New York, arată o planetă aflată pe calea către un declin catastrofal. Într-un fel, adevărata recesiune este cea ecologică.

Historically, governments tend to prioritize the future of the planet when they perceive fewer immediate concerns. However, recessions or the mere threat of recessions tend to shift policymakers' focus towards short-term issues. The urgency to address the climate emergency can be postponed by politicians with the hope that future advancements in science and market forces will provide a solution that allows unlimited consumption without harming the planet.

However, it would be inaccurate to solely blame politicians for the lack of action on the climate emergency. Politicians respond to the signals they receive from voters, and the message regarding the need for more decisive climate action is not as clear-cut as desired. For example, people support football teams sponsored by fossil fuel interests, and fans are not concerned about the source of funds as long as their team performs well. What people truly desire is a smooth transition that allows them to continue their preferred activities, such as driving to visit loved ones or traveling abroad for vacations, without disruption.

Source: The Guardian