The Battle to Save the Salmon of River Wye

The alarm sounded by the Wye Salmon Association paints a dire picture for the Atlantic salmon, as pollution threatens their very existence in the River Wye within a perilously short span of six years. With record-low catch numbers since their records began in 1956, the decline of this protected species has sparked urgent calls for drastic scientific intervention. Poignant warning that the salmon may face total extinction within half a decade based on current trends serves as a wake-up call, propelling pleas for gene banking, captive breeding, and cryogenic preservation to salvage these iconic creatures from imminent peril.

The root cause, linked to pollution-induced algal blooms attributed to intensive farming and sewage contamination, has triggered fervent street protests by advocacy groups like Save The Wye.Legal initiatives, including a judicial review into pollution enforcement laws and notable political figures stepping forth to address the River Wye's declining state, underscore the gravity of the situation. The urgency for immediate and concerted action becomes clear, with the survival of the Atlantic salmon in the River Wye hanging precariously in the balance.

Source: BBC