Forget the roof- install your solar panel on the fence

German startup Green Akku has introduced plug-and-play solar panels that can be easily installed on garden fences, catering to the high number of home gardens in Germany and the growing interest in solar energy.

The solar panels offered by Green Akku can be conveniently hung and clipped onto garden fences, providing electricity generation. The entire system, including solar modules, inverters, and special brackets, costs approximately €416.81 ($448.83). These solar panels from Green Akku do not require a permit for installation. The vertical attachment to property or garden fences allows for higher energy yields, especially during low sun angles.

Compared to rooftop systems, the fence system performs better during mornings and evenings when more energy is typically needed. The complete sets include PV modules, micro-inverters, mounting materials, and even the necessary tools for installation. They can be easily attached to existing fences, providing flexibility and customization based on individual needs.

Before introducing garden fence solar PV systems, Green Akku was engaged in selling solar PV panels specifically designed for balconies. These balcony power plants allow individuals to generate environmentally friendly electricity on their balconies, leading to reduced electricity bills and making a positive contribution to climate protection.