Climate change disproportionately affects women's health

Climate change has a major impact on human health around the world, from the threat of extreme weather phenomena to the spread of infectious diseases. 

But this impact is not felt equally. A growing body of research suggests that the world's most disadvantaged people are also the most vulnerable to the health impacts of climate change and the least able to adapt. Moreover, climate change may have different impacts on the health of men and women around the world.

 A review of 130 studies based on data from the literature concludes that women and girls often face disproportionate health risks from climate change compared to men and boys. 68% (89) of the 130 studies found that women's health is more affected by climate change than men's health.  

For example, it shows that more women and girls are more likely to die in heat waves in France, China and India or in tropical cyclones in Bangladesh and the Philippines. In many regions of the world, women are more likely than men to experience mental health problems, domestic violence and food insecurity after extreme weather events. However, in some cases, men may be at greater risk.

Source: Carbon Brief

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