Life span of lithium-ion batteries could be doubled

Researchers at Delft University of Technology found that adjusting the composition of lithium-ion batteries can make them last longer.

Lithium-ion batteries have become essential for everyday devices over the past 30 years, but their capacity and lifespan tend to degrade over time which can be costly and frustrating both for consumers and for manufacturers.

Dutch scientists have discovered that lithium-ion batteries can last up to two times longer by adding multiple types of salt to their composition. This new composition (with four salts) reduces the damage to the protective layer between the electrolyte and anode and cathode, damage that is caused by repeated charging and discharging. With more salts in the mixture, less lithium ions are lost and the battery capacity improves.

The Dutch scientists say that this new salt mixture could be easily applied in existing production processes. Battery technology company LeydenJar Technologies, already announced plans to test this new electrolyte mixture , and some battery manufacturers have expressed their interest in licensing the mixture.


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